The war on waste programs highlight the problems of a throw away society. But for me it also showed the value of our business that gives objects a renewed life and antiques (100 years old or more) are items that were made to last, they are around not for just one lifetime but in many cases for several generations

Today let’s consider antique furniture:

On arrival at our store/warehouse some furniture may look less than appealing but with limited restoration, or just a clean ,a French polish or wax it’s amazing to watch items transform into much desired pieces .We like them to look their age and to keep their patina but they also needs to be pleasing and functional.

The beautiful woods and great craftsmanship of their makers allow these pieces to once again be valued and even treasured items in our homes.

Often poorly made items or those deemed to be unfashionable are put out on nature strips . Quantity items antique, retro or modern should not end up in tips often they just need a little TLC or some repurposing. The rare old woods , the skilled carvings and intricate inlays should be appreciated and treasured.

Consider antiques when decorating, they are assets in both traditional and modern settings and give warmth , quality and character .

If only they could talk what stories they would have to tell , and they will continue to grace dwellings for generations to come.

Antiques are not about waste, they are about beat’ pleasure, craftsmanship as well as providing a link between the past, present and future….they are also the ULTIMATE RECYCLING !